State-of-the-art weather forecasts, powered by AI.

Our weather is becoming more volatile, and your business needs the best weather forecasts to prepare for it.

Excarta's weather models — powered by state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed research in AI — provide improved accuracy over conventional forecasts, making your business resilient to any weather coming your way.

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Improved decision-making through better weather forecasts

Energy Forecast and Trading

Accurately predicting energy demand and power output at renewable farms relies heavily on accurate weather forecasts.

Excarta's weather models provide high-accuracy hourly forecast for the next 14 days, perfect for same-day, day-ahead, and longer-term trading on the energy market.

Industrial Optimziation

Optimizing industrial controls like HVAC setpoints can reduce operating costs, while meeting operational targets like occupant comfort.

An accurate forecast of the day's weather is crucial in optimizing these controls — Excarta's models forecast esential variables like temperature and dewpoint more accurately than convetnional models, are ideally suited for this.

Agricultural Insights

Precise weather forecasts can help farmers identify the best time to spray fertilizer, irrigate crops, or even prepare for events like heatwaves or extreme precipitation.

Excarta's weather models provide high-resolution forecasts for any location, even rural areas that are far from weather stations.

No industry is immune to weather.

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Better Forecasts through Artificial Intelligence

The limits of conventional forecasts

Conventional weather forecasts — what most companies provide — use numerical models to describe the physics of our atmosphere. These models are not able to caputre the statistical patterns that weather exhibits While powerful, these physical models are expensive, and their cost limits the resolution and accuracy of their forecasts.

Bringing AI to weather

Excarta's deep learning models — built on the foundations of peer-reviewed, state-of-the-art research — analyze decades of weather and climate data to learn statistical patterns about the way weather evolves. By processing decades of weather and climate data, these models identify both global and local weather patterns, and provide best-in-class accuracy in near-term weather forecasts, at a resolution not available from other sources.

Find out more about the quality of our forecasts, compared to the best conventional weather forecasts.

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  • Weather Forecast API
  • Custom Modeling

Our easy-to-use API (see documentation on Postman) provides forecasts for all essential parameters with minimal hassle.

Get the latest hourly forecasts for any location around the globe, for up to 2 weeks ahead. Contact us or schedule a chat to learn more and get early access to our API today.

For many businesses, weather is a key predictor of business metrics — but using weather inputs in ML models is challenging due to the scale of weather data.

Excarta's infrastructure is fine-tuned to train on terabytes of weather data efficiently. You can benefit from the same data and model training infrastructure to train your own ML models, making your models weather-aware without any of the hassle.

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