State-of-the-art weather forecasts,
powered by AI.

No business is immune to the impacts of weather. Excarta uses state-of-the-art AI models to give you the accurate and actionable weather intelligence you need to be resilient to any weather headed your way.

Why use Excarta?

Excarta uses the latest in peer-reviewed AI research to produce best-in-class weather forecasts, and our API makes integrating our forecasts trivial.

Better accuracy

Our AI models are outperform conventional weather models that don’t use AI — see our quality page for a detailed breakdown.

Better resolution

Our AI models provide hourly forecasts for the next 14 days, compared to conventional weather models that provide hourly forecasts for at most 5 days.

Better information

No weather forecast is perfect, but most forecast sources don’t tell you how confident the forecast is. Our AI models provide uncertainty estimates for all weather variables, giving you the full picture.

Get in touch!

Curious about how you can benefit from weather data, but not sure where to start? Our team has 15+ years of experience in AI and weather modeling.

Whether it’s using our API, or our historical data to train you own models, or doing advanced R&D — we’re happy to help. Schedule a chat to talk to us, or fill out the contact form!